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Community Cookbook

Making food and sharing meals is one universal way to bring people together. While we remain apart and continue to social distance, we can still find ways to connect by sharing our favorite family recipes. The Parents Association is reaching out to the community with a request that will act as a way to bring new and returning families together as we look towards the 2020-2021 school year. That request is to contribute your recipe to the SSFS Community Cookbook!





How To: Submit Your Recipe

Select a Recipe.
Pick a recipe and write up the instructions (make sure to include all measurements in your ingredients list).

Take a Photo of your Family.
This will be used alongside the recipe. We encourage you to cook the recipe and take a posed photo of you with the finished dish!

Optional: Take a Photo of the Dish.

Submit your Recipe using the SSFS Community Cookbook Form. 

Submit Your Recipe 


What type of recipe should I contribute?
Families should submit a recipe that’s meaningful to them – so, whether it’s your go-to recipe for a quick meal, or a special occasion dish– as long as your family loves it, we’ll love it!

Who is this cookbook for?
The SSFS Community Cookbook is both created by you and also for you. It will be used to introduce your family to new families coming to SSFS and continue to build connections with the whole community. With that in mind, we are asking families to submit a picture of their family as well as a brief introduction.

Can I submit more than one recipe?
Of course! Please email Julie Mendez at for details on how to submit an additional recipe.

I’m looking for brownie points (get it?)– how else can I help?
Good news:  there’s a chance for BONUS POINTS! Help make the community cookbook more engaging by submitting a video. The video can include the following:

  1. You and your family cooking the dish
  2. Sharing the significance of your recipe to your family
  3. Introducing your family to the community.

If you would like to submit a video, please attach it to the form in place of a photo.