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Parents Association

Our Parents Association provides a unique and vital vehicle for exchanging ideas, supporting one another, and, most importantly, celebrating our amazing student population.

PA Members at the Auction

 The SSFS Parents Association (PA)—made up of all parents and guardians—is an inclusive, welcoming community with one primary goal: to assist in upholding the singular and extraordinary spirit of Sandy Spring Friends School. The PA accomplishes this goal by planning and hosting a variety of enjoyable community events and recognition luncheons as well as supporting faculty and staff as grade parents, committee members, and volunteers.

Current parents are encouraged to access the Parent Portal for additional information!

"SSFS has not only brought our daughter a sense of belonging and community, but through my volunteering efforts at PA events, SSFS has turned out to be a community our entire family enjoys together."
MS Parent


PA Clerks

Rachel Winer Sticklin
Co-Clerk, Parents Association

Shahana Pagen
Co-Clerk, Parents Association

New Family Resources

These are the New Family Ambassadors, who connect new parents and guardians with New Family Liaisons. The New Family Liaisons are veteran SSFS parents who will partner with new SSFS parents/guardians to answer any questions. Contact the New Family Ambassador for your student’s division to request a New Family Liaison.

Shopping Rewards and Affinity Programs

Support the PA when you shop! Does it sometimes feel like you visit the grocery store every day? Did you know that every one of those visits can support the SSFS Parents Association? It's true! Each time you make a purchase at one of the stores below, SSFS will receive a percentage back—at no additional cost to you!