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Those tracking progress at the Upper School construction site will have noticed a burst of activity in the past few weeks! We were essentially "on hold" during January and most of February due to low temperatures and excessive moisture, but construction is buzzing now. Below is a brief summary of the work that has been completed, as well as what we should expect to see in the coming weeks and months.
(Late) February
  • Soil preparation. Due to the amount of moisture in the soil, concrete dust was mixed in to assist with drying out the soil and creating a stable base for installation of concrete footers. 


  • Installation of footers and foundation infrastructure to include below slab plumbing, electrical, and drainage. 
  • Drill for geo-thermal wells. (The total number of wells needed for the Upper School is 35.)
  • Installation of CMU (concrete masonry unit) foundation walls.


  • Continue work on CMU, foundation infrastructure, and geo-thermal wells.
  • Pour slab.
  • Begin to erect structural steel, install decking, and prep/place second level slab.

Click HERE to see live feed of construction in progress!