Sandy Spring Friends School



Student Support Services

Working together, the school nurses, counselors, and learning specialists make up the Student Support Services Group (SSS).With an eye toward the development of preschool-Grade 12 health support and education, SSS works collaboratively to identify areas of need and the resources necessary to fill such needs. 

The Student Support Services Group works with our entire community of parents, students, faculty, and staff by proactively providing education on a variety to topics and responding to crises affecting the community.

Student Support Services at SSFS:

  • Consists of the nurses, the learning specialists, and the counselors
  • Aims to assist students requiring help
  • Strives to maintain confidentiality in all forms, including electronic and written communication, conferences and phone conversations as outlined in the community handbook
  • Serves the student resource teams in the appropriate divisions and seeks out the advice of these teams when necessary
  • Addresses many health, learning, and counseling issues
  • Provides referrals to outside resources including therapists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, academic tutors, and/or organizational tutors when situations arise beyond the capabilities of the student support position
  • Examines educational and psychological testing and assists families
  • Meets regularly to address the physical, mental, social and educational needs of the school community
  • Develops the Health and Wellness program by writing curriculum, teaching Life Skills classes, arranging appropriate speakers, and providing written supportive materials

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