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Upper School Student Leadership

Student input is valued and encouraged in every aspect of the decision-making process for the Upper School. To that end, student opinion is solicited on a variety of issues through a number of venues. Individuals are selected for leadership positions in student government by consensus, thus ensuring the support and approval of students and faculty alike.

TORCH: Upper School Student Government

Torch is comprised of an executive committee consisting of a clerk, assistant clerk, six representatives to faculty committees, two international student representatives, a dorm representative, and two day and two boarding representatives to the Procedures & Discipline Committee. In addition, the executive committee is supported by two representatives from the 11th and 12th grades and three representatives from the 9th and 10th grades. Business items can be brought to Torch by any of the representatives at the request of an individual or the group they represent. Torch also sets the agenda for monthly town meetings, which include all students and staff, and sponsors school events throughout the year. The recording of meeting minutes is a shared duty distributed among Torch members.

Upper School Student Government - Torch


Student representatives are chosen for several major All-school and Upper School faculty committees as part of the continuing effort to develop leadership and encourage student voice in decision-making.

  • Upper School Co-curricular Committee: Approves of Intersession trips and changes to Intersession policies
  • Diversity Committee (All-School and Upper School): Monitors and improves the school community with respect to issues of inclusion
  • Upper School Faculty: Monthly meeting of all Upper School teachers and administrators
  • Spiritual Life Committee (All-School and Upper School): Strives to maintain an atmosphere that encourages the development of student character and Quaker values
  • Traditions Committee (All-School): Raises school spirit and sense of unique school culture through community-building events
students participating in Upper School Student Leadership through the peer counselors program

Peer Counselors

Interested 10th-12th graders may participate in an eight-week intensive peer counseling training program. The training includes the development of listening and group facilitation skills, as well as information on substance abuse, sexuality issues and peer pressure among other issues. Students focus on how to identify problems, provide support and recognize the boundaries of their own skills as they work with their peers.

Upper school students participating in leadership opportunities

Procedures & Discipline Committee (P&D)

The P&D Committee includes students appointed by the student body, teachers appointed by the Upper School faculty, dormitory staff, and the Dean of Students. Its role is to help the community define the rules by which we govern our daily lives at Sandy Spring Friends School. P & D also recommends consequences for students who violate existing rules and procedures.  


Two high school boarding students who participate in the student leadership ambassadors program.

Ambassadors Program

Ambassadors are a small group of students dedicated to serving as liaisons between the greater SSFS community and new and prospective students. They become cultural bridge-builders, working as a team to help students adjust and integrate into the community, and seeking to strengthen the connection between current students and SSFS alumni.

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