Sandy Spring Friends School



Middle School Student Leadership

In the Middle School, students hone their leadership skills by serving on various committees, including:

  • FLAME  (Friends Leading And Mentoring Everyone)
  • The Governance Committee,
  • All-School Traditions Committee
  • Middle School Climate Committee

Additionally, students may also have opportunities to attend conferences related to peace, Quakerism, and diversity during the school year.

FLAME: Middle School Student Government

Two students from each grade are nominated and selected to serve on FLAME for one year. This body serves as the student government and climate committee for the Middle School. Students selected as grade representatives have many leadership roles within their individual grades as well as within the entire community. The group meets about once a month. FLAME meetings are run by the Governance Committee. Additional duties may include running class meetings, listening to classmates, making class announcements, bringing student concerns to the attention of the faculty, serving on the Standards Committee, and helping new students.

Middle School student government clerks leading discussion on Quakerism Day

Governance Committee

Each spring students nominate and select a student clerk or co-clerks (2), and recording clerk for the following school year.

The clerk(s) serves as leader of the Governance Committee, runs Student Meeting for Business (SMFB), and leads and makes announcements in Collection and Meeting for Worship.

The recording clerk also serves on the Governance Committee, is responsible for taking notes and recording all necessary events that occur in SMFB, FLAME meetings, and helps the clerk(s) with all other leadership responsibilities.

Additional Committees

Each week students participate in student committees. Students organize themselves into various committees whose goals include making our Middle School community a better place. Students nominate and select clerks to lead the committees for one school year as well as determine their charges and objectives using the Quaker process.

Current Committees:

Community Service • Heart in Hand • Heart in Paw • Library • Student Ambassadors • Special Events • Diversity • Young and Old Friends.