Sandy Spring Friends School



Student Leadership

Leadership at Sandy Spring Friends School is focused on strengthening students’ character and integrity—teaching our students to be honest, empathetic, and collaborative as they work to make lasting positive changes at School and beyond.

Each division at Sandy Spring Friends School offers ample opportunities for student leadership both in and out of the classroom.  Student Leadership Committees are formed in our Lower, Middle, and Upper School, and provide students with opportunities to serve their peers as they facilitate division-level meetings and serve as a conduit between the students and the school administration.  Students also lead clubs, committees, and they mentor other students as well as act as student ambassadors during our Admission events.

Examples of our student leadership opportunities include:


Lower School

  • Clerking SPARK - Student Leadership Committee
  • Grade representatives for SPARK
  • LS Climate Committee 
  • 4th grade students reading to 1st graders as a part of the Reading Buddies program

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Middle School

  • Clerking FLAME- Student Leadership Committee
  • MS Climate Committee
  • Attendance at Quaker leadership conferences
  • Clerking opportunities for student committees

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Upper School

  • Clerking  TORCH - Student Leadership Committee
  • Club Leadership
  • Editor of The Wildezine, the  student newspaper
  • Attendance at Quaker leadership conferences

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