Sandy Spring Friends School



Living in the Dorm

The Sandy Spring Friends School community provides an atmosphere that boarders enjoy, while their parents feel confident about our values.

Our boarders broaden their education outside the classroom with engaging weekend activities, student leadership opportunities, volunteer experiences, and organized, quiet study time. Living in the dorm teaches students how to live responsibly, to respect differences among fellow students and staff, to gain integral life skills, and to learn the importance of taking good care of the physical environment.

Our dormitory is coed and currently houses  Upper School students and three dorm faculty and staff, including the Director of the Boarding Program. We have large common areas on all floors, two kitchens, a recreation room, laundry, and space to spend time together or individually. 

Highlights of dorm living:
  • Students learn to live respectfully with people from all over the world
  • They enjoy “extra” time by avoiding a potentially lengthy commute to and from school
  • Hot meals in a family setting several nights per week
  • Inclusion in the social activities of a small “family group,” each one headed by an adult member of our boarding community
  • Planned weekend activities and trips that can be as short as an hour or as long as an entire weekend; and so much more.

Westview Dormitory

At Westview Dormitory, we redefine student living with a nurturing, gender-inclusive environment that feels like a true home away from home. Our thoughtfully designed floors feature expansive common areas for socializing, fully-equipped kitchens for shared meals, recreation rooms for entertainment, and laundry facilities for convenience.

The heart of Westview is its caring community, led by our Dorm Parents. These unique individuals are not only teachers, coaches, and administrators from SSFS but also live-in mentors who have undergone additional training, including Teen Mental Health First Aid, to support every student. In our  dorm, everyone finds a place where they belong, surrounded by guidance, understanding, and the warmth of a community that extends beyond the classroom.

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Kwame Darko '98

"This is the place that helped me grow. I grew up in Ghana, and when I came to SSFS as a boarder, the people here became my parental unit. When I checked in with my parents, my dad would often say, talk to Eduardo (SSFS faculty), talk to Ari (former faculty and homestay parent), he is your American dad, what does he have to say about it? This is home…and I want to help other students feel the way I felt about this place."

Kwame Darko '98, P'29, P'31
Upper School Math Faculty, 12th Grade Dean