Sandy Spring Friends School




Residential Faculty

As a part of the boarding program at SSFS, faculty members who live on campus act as role models for our students through their actions and conversations and by providing opportunities for students to explore and better understand the viewpoints of others. By challenging intolerant behavior and both recognizing and celebrating our differences, we create a more inclusive community. Our boarding staff, our campus residents, and our Resident Assistants work together to provide a safe and supportive community on campus that feels like home for the students.

Campus Residents

Along with staff members, there are about ten faculty members who live on campus and participate in the boarding program.  Campus residents have formal duties, such as facilitating student trips and activities, supervising open gym time and study hall, and maintaining an adult presence in the dorm.  Campus residents and their families also attend dinner.  We are fortunate to have a group of campus residents with a variety of interests and passions.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

Resident Assistants (RAs) are carefully chosen as student leaders in the dorm after going through an application process.  While on and off duty, RAs are expected to support students and staff in maintaining a level of respect and compassion within our community.  RAs lead by example and act as student representatives for the residential student body should concerns arise that need to be addressed with staff.