Sandy Spring Friends School




The governance of our boarding program is designed to create a nurturing environment for all our students. Here's an overview of the key figures responsible for maintaining a strong, supportive, and responsive dormitory community.

Adult Leadership in the Dorm: Dorm Parents, Dorm Affiliates, and AoDs Explained

Dorm parents, dorm affiliates, and Administrators on Duty (AoDs) are integral staff members who live on-site and form the backbone of our residential life. These dedicated employees profoundly impact our boarding program by fostering growth, ensuring safety, and overseeing various aspects of residential life.

  • Dorm Parents: Live within the dormitories, acting as the first point of contact for students, and take on the responsibility of supervising evening and weekend life.
  • Dorm Affiliates: Collaborate closely with dorm parents to support and guide our students, sharing the commitment to building a positive residential experience.
  • AoDs: Handle emergency and urgent needs when on duty. They carry duty cell phones overnight and are equipped to respond to any situations that may arise.

Dorm Committees: The Framework for Student Involvement

To foster a sense of agency and community, our dorm committees are structured to achieve three goals: empowering students with a voice, building connections within the community, and developing essential life skills. Here's what you need to know about these committees.

At SSFS, we deeply value student input. Every student is encouraged to participate in a dorm committee, where they can contribute significantly to the evolution of our boarding program.

Types of Committees
Our diverse committees address various aspects of dorm life, each with a unique aim and supported by both students and staff:

  • Dorm Ambassador Committee: Enhances the integration of new students by making them feel welcome and part of the community.
  • Stewardship Committee: Focuses on sustainable living practices within the dorms.
  • MarCom (Marketing and Communications) Committee: Helps communicate events and updates within the dormitory community.
  • Activities Committee: Plans and oversees recreational activities and events.
  • Spirit & Traditions Committee: Preserves and promotes school spirit and traditions within the dorm.
  • Foodie Committee: Influences dining hall offerings based on student preferences.

Each committee is steered by a student clerk, along with one or more dorm parents/affiliates, ensuring that the student voice leads to tangible changes and maintains the vibrancy of dorm life.

Through the collaborative efforts of dorm parents, dorm affiliates, AoDs, and various student-led committees, we offer a dorm program that is responsive to student needs and conducive to personal development—cultivating a boarding experience that is truly governed by its community.