Sandy Spring Friends School



Student Support

Sandy Spring Friends School is committed to providing the right support for our students so that they are successful in their academic, artistic, and athletic pursuits.

Health Center/On-Call Nurses (in case of illness or emergency)    

The Health Center is open to students from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. A registered nurse is on call at all other times, including weekends. Montgomery General Hospital is located near the campus for emergencies. The Health Center can also be staffed during the evening and overnight hours and on weekends when medically necessary for a boarding student.


Mentors provide students with first line support throughout their experience in our boarding program.  They will help students outline goals for the academic year, and ensure that students are working toward accomplishing their goals.  


Along with Mentors, clinical therapeutic support with the Dorm Counselor is available to support the emotional and social well-being of our boarding students. Students can make appointments as needed or meet regularly to address specific concerns.  The Dorm Counselor can also work with groups of boarding students about many social and personal concerns, such as privacy, conflict mediation, homesickness, and cultural adjustments.  

Academic Support (FLEX, tutors, testing)

The boarding program is able to assist students needing a variety of academic supports. Mentors and dorm counselors collaborate with the necessary faculty and staff to create the most comprehensive academic plan possible for students.  These supports could include tutors for specific subjects, educational testing, and participation in our FLEX program, a program that incorporates a coaching model in an after-school and evening schedule that is adaptable to the age and needs of each student.