Sandy Spring Friends School



Upper School Clubs & Affinity Groups

Student initiative, interest and expertise are the driving forces behind most of the clubs in the Upper School; therefore, clubs may change each year depending on student interest. This enables the students themselves to determine the focus and direction of co-curricular programming and encourages greater participation in activities. Below is a list of the 2019-20 clubs and the student clerks for each.

  • Acting Club - Yili Bai, Skylar Li, Gus Ross
  • Audio Club - Wenxuan Yang
  • Asian Culture Club - Rebekah Choi, Chloe Nguyen
  • Bullet Journal Club - Mecca McCain, Michel Ruiz, Stephen Randall
  • Clay Collective - Micah Vargas
  • Chess Clubzzzz - Gabriel Pickard, Dankwa Nnoma-Addison
  • Chinese Culture Club - Kitty Huang
  • Classical Dance Club - Yudan Xu
  • Co-ed Volleyball - Maeve Perich
  • Competitive Mathematics Club - Aidan Cook, Charlie Xin
  • DMV Culture Club - Kennedy Reid
  • E-Sports - Andy Hur
  • Fashion Club - Lucy Chen
  • Film Production Club - Xander Eagle, Raina Weinberg, Jack Thompson
  • Heart and Paw Club - Scout Crooke, Asia Simms, Maria Menjivar
  • IBIP Club - Suraj Faruqee
  • Knitting Club - Beatrix Bredt, Ariana Daney
  • Movie Analysis Club - Xinting Chen (Violet), Xilei Wei, Vivian
  • Robotics Club - Chloe Nguyen, Flint Eller
  • SAGA - Zoe Baylinson, Moira McCudden
  • Sign Language Club - Shirely Li, Meghan Roush        
  • Speech and Debate Team - Ariana Richardson
  • Spotlight Dance Club - Pamela Wang
  • Storycraft Club - Dylan Evans
  • Students Against Hunger - Joce Motley, Maeve Perich