Sandy Spring Friends School



Upper School Clubs & Affinity Groups

Student initiative, interest and expertise are the driving forces behind most of the clubs in the Upper School; therefore, clubs may change each year depending on student interest. This enables the students themselves to determine the focus and direction of co-curricular programming and encourages greater participation in activities. Below is a list of the 2020-2021 clubs and the student clerks for each.

  • Acting Club - Yili Bai, Skyler Li
  • Asian Culture Club - Rebekah Choi
  • BeestBot Robotics - Micah Vargas, Thomas Han, Shirley Li
  • Chess Club Online - Gabriel Pickard, Dankwa Nnoma Addison
  • Chinese Culture Club - Ashley Chen, Arthur Ma, Max Hu, Yolanda Xu
  • Climate Action Committee - Sarah Fishman
  • Cooking Club - Gabe Otridge, Gus Ross
  • Friends in Flight - Elliot Mennel, Gillian Stingley
  • Letters to Friends - Aleena Mahdi
  • Linguistic Club - Sarah Zhu, Samantha Otridge 
  • MOCO4Change at SSFS - Sally Ambrose, Gabe Moss 
  • Music Collective Club - Benu Edwards, Temi Abiona, and Mateo Traini 
  • Philanthropy Club - Riley Hinton, Lauren Rubinson
  • Programming Club - Shuzhou Li, Kwame Boamah
  • Project Linus - Julia Wright and Lainey Shankle
  • Sexuality and Gender Alliance - Moira McCudden, Raina Weinberg
  • Sign Language Club - Shirley Shuzhou Li, Meghan Roush
  • Spotlight Dance Club - Blake Dhendup, Rebkah Choi, Yolanda Xu, Jessy Lee
  • Students Against Hunger - Jocelyn Motley
  • Student Volunteer Club - Orowo Ogba, Jayla Bush, Erin Britton
  • Visual Art and Design Club - Jeffrey Wang
  • Writing Club - Ella Gincherman, Harper Lower, Alex Rochette