Sandy Spring Friends School



School Life

Students on campus in the fall

SSFS student life is enriched by a multitude of clubs, committees, literary pursuits and activities which offer experiential opportunities for intellectual, social and emotional growth. The focus is on developing leadership skills, strengthening interpersonal relations, providing social outlets, acquiring knowledge of and appreciation for the broader community, and encouraging civic responsibility.

The beauty of an SSFS education is that students are never pigeonholed into one area. It's a natural extension of the Quaker principle that there is "that of God" or an "inner Light" in every person. Put into practice, that means we value each person's unique gifts. Consequently, we give our students many routes in the arts, athletics, service, and leadership as well as academics to discover and realize their gifts. We challenge students to stretch their talents and share them with their communities now and moving forward into their lives.

Our boarding and international programs, summer camps, and partnerships with arts, athletics, and academic organizations from the metro Washington, D.C., area mean that there are always variety of activities and opportunities for our students to choose from. Each student and family becomes a part of a diverse and caring community that endures even after students graduate.