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SSFS Weekly and Bi-Weekly Newsletters

Gnu Stories, the SSFS all-school newsletter, is sent bi-weekly on Mondays during the school year, and features stories that provide families with a snapshot of school life at SSFS and connects them to the wider community. 

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Wildebeest Sculpture

Congratulations, Graduates!

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Gnu Stories: Highlights from the SSFS Community

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Upcoming Dates: SSFS All-School Events

July 25

Summer Welcome Events for LS, MS, US

Fun gatherings for all new and returning families! Stay tuned for details and RSVP info. 

Sept. 3

All-School Orientation Day for SSFS Families

Lower School, 6th, and 9th Grade families--and all families new to SSFS--should plan to attend.

Sept. 4

First Day of Classes for 2024-2025

First official day of school for all students! Early dismissal at 1:10 PM (LS)/1:20 PM (MS & US).

GnuStories: Previous Articles

Division-Specific Newsletters: The Week Ahead

Division-specific newsletters are emailed to SSFS families each Sunday afternoon during the school year and posted on the division-specific pages of the Parent Portal. These newsletters provide messages from division heads and "must-know" calendar information about upcoming events for the week. 

Parents and guardians must log in to the Parent Portal to access the division-specific pages where the newsletters are posted.

Please Note: Only SSFS parents have access to the links above. SSFS employees may access the division-specific newsletters via the Faculty/Staff Portal.