Wildebeest Climbing Team Climbs to New Heights
Sunshine Klein

SSFS Rock Climbing Team

After the first competition of the WAICL held at Sport Rock in Alexandria, VA, the Wildebeest Climbing Team had an amazing performance. Girls Varsity won 68 to 43. Boys Varsity won 156 to 115. Girls JV won 17 to 16. Boys JV won 111 to 102.

Sandy Spring held 10 of the top 20 climbers versus Woodberry Forest/Foxcroft School:  1-Sam S., 2-Magnus C., 3-Sam S., 4-Seth G., 6-Ian S., 7-Minwoo R., 8-Reuven S., 15-Kathleen McC., 16-Isaac M., 17-Brandon R., and 18-George McA.

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