Mon, Apr. 15: Quiz Bowl Club Quarterfinals
Eduardo Polón, Coordinator

Quiz Bowl logoWelcome to the world of academic competition. Following two months and five rounds of regular season play, the cream of this year’s Quiz Bowl Club has begun to rise…and soon to boil. Known as the Varsity Sport of the Mind, the SSFS Quiz Bowl Club will now begin competitions for the Quiz Bowl Cup: the ultimate prize each team covets. With the #1-seeded Hoch’s Folks and #2-seeded Quiztanbul, Not Constantinople having earned respective byes through the quarterfinals, Monday, April 15th marks the start of Quiz Bowl Club Playoffs for seeds 3 through 6:

  • The #3 seed, Quizzly Bears, hosts the #6 seed, Benedict Arnold & The Quizlings, in Room 105, Moore Hall (Eduardo’s classroom)
  • The #4 seed, You’re a Quizzard, Harry, hosts the #5 seed, Quizteama Aguilera, in Room 111, Moore Hall (Anne’s classroom)

A dynamic competition in the spirit of It’s Academic, the longest running television quiz show in the world, teams – generally consisting of three or four members – face off to answer academic-centered questions posed by a moderator. Providing camaraderie for kindred spirits while celebrating academic achievement, Quiz Bowl Club provides a healthy venue to foster friendships inspired by a mutual love of learning. Best of all it’s fun!

Drawn by the buzz, spectators are welcome from 3:10 to 3:40 pm in Moore Hall, Room 105 (Eduardo’s classroom) and Room 111 (Anne’s classroom).  Better yet, come feel the excitement at either of the upcoming Quiz Bowl showcases:

SSFS Quiz Bowl All-Star Assembly
Monday, May 20th
PAC Theater (9:05-9:55 am)
12th Grade vs. 11th Grade vs. 10th Grade vs. 9th Grade

SSFS Quiz Bowl Cup 
Tuesday, May 21st       
Championship Match (3:10-3:40 pm)
Caroline Hallowell Worth Memorial Library

For more information, contact Eduardo.

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