MFW and Candlelight Vigil for Ben Uzzell
Jonathan Oglesbee

Candlelight Vigil for Ben UzzellHundreds gathered together at SSFS on Thursday evening, May 9, for a Meeting for Worship and candlelight vigil in memory of Ben Uzzell ’20. Close friends and family, the larger school community, as well as those who knew Ben from passing interactions, all shared stories and memories of Ben’s optimism and positive attitude, his ever-engaging smile and infectious laugh, his impressive work ethic, his intelligence, his goofiness, his respectfulness, his thoughtfulness and kindness, his athleticism, and his charisma. In remembering his life among us, his father Chris invited us to let Ben’s life and example inspire us to live as our best selves. We are holding those most close to Ben in the Light during this extremely difficult time, including his family, his many close friends in the Upper School, his fellow teammates, and his coaches and teachers. Please know that our counselors continue to be available for any student or adult who is struggling and would like extra support. Parents, faculty, and students are invited to upload photos of Ben into this Vidigami album (note that you’ll need to log in to the School website to access the album), which we will share with Ben’s family.

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