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Maeve Friedman Receives Honorable Mention for the Maryland Dance Education Organization Award
Hannah Kerr

Let’s give a standing ovation to Maeve Friedman '19, who received Honorable Mention for the Maryland Dance Education Organization’s 2019 Artistic Merit, Leadership, and Academic Achievement Award.

  • Artistic Merit: The candidate demonstrates technical and artistic excellence in dance as evidenced by performing original choreography and submitting an essay describing the intent, inspiration and challenges of their choreography.
  • Leadership: The candidate demonstrates outstanding leadership in and outside the field of dance at the school, community, state, and/or national level as evidenced by a strong resume, recommendation letter and impact of dance essay
  • Academic Achievement: The candidate demonstrates academic excellence with a high cumulative grade point average and superior writing skills found in both submitted essays.

Congratulations to Maeve Friedman and Sebastian Goodman for their induction to the National Honor Society for Dance.