Feb 13: Parent-Teacher Conferences
Meredith Shankle

Parent-Teacher Conferences will continue for the second week on Wednesday, February 13th from 2:45- 5:00 PM in the Westview Dining Hall. Please use the online scheduling system, PTCFAST, to schedule your conference times. Please note that we will not be able to accommodate any “walk-ins.” Should you have any questions regarding the online scheduling system, please contact Meredith Shankle at 301.774.7455 ext. 110 or via e-mail at meredith.shankle@ssfs.org.

As a reminder, these conferences are designed as an opportunity to have a quick check-in with your child’s teachers and are limited to a seven-minute time slot, with a three-minute transition. Should you feel that a longer conversation is needed, please contact that teacher directly to schedule an additional time on a mutually convenient date. Likewise, if your child’s teacher believes they need more time with you, they will reach out to schedule an alternate time.

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