Sandy Spring Friends School



Community Service Hours and MobileServe
Sunshine Klein

The Upper School has recently begun a partnership with MobileServe. MobileServe is an app designed to track community service hours. If you are interested, they outline their origins in their own “About Us” page here. By using their app we will be able to fully track community service hours digitally. No more paper forms!

Your student will be receiving an email from "" to set up their account. If your student needs further assistance with setting up their account, please have them come to my office, Westview 007.

Once students have their account set up, they need to use it to document their hours moving forward. If they need guidance, they may review the “Getting Started Guide” for logging hours via the app and/or for their website (also available on the student portal page under Upper School > Community Service).

Once all of our Upper School students have accounts, I will be working with our Technology Department and the company to upload your student’s past records. Even after this tracking shift, you will still be able to access your student’s total number of hours by pointing your browser to

Please contact Sunshine Klein with any questions or concerns.