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Black Affinity Student Groups Host Student Panel
Candice Ashton
Black Student Affinity Group Panel

On Thursday, Feb. 6, the Black Student Affinity Groups hosted a student panel, “Perspectives on Blackness at Sandy Spring.” On the panel were Njandee M. ’23, Stephen R. ’20, Kennedy R. ’20, and Frank S. ’20. Open to all, the panel was attend by an array of Upper School students, faculty, and administrators. The students shared their experiences in and out of the classroom at SSFS. They spoke about ways that the SSFS community has been supportive of them as Black students as well as challenges they have faced with teachers, administrators, and peers. The hour ended with a Q&A session. We are grateful to these four students for bravely sharing their experiences and giving the school community the opportunity to learn and grow.

Black Student Affinity Groups Panel Discussion