Smart Sack Packing Dates for 2018-2019
Kerry-Ann Farmer

Lower School students have completed their first few Smart Sacks packing days. We have many more opportunities throughout 2018-2019 for students to help with this valuable service opportunity (see more info about the Smart Sack program below). Packing takes place in the Westview Dining Hall immediately after drop off at 8:15 am. This is a fun and easy way to do something meaningful with the Lower School kids and provide a very worthwhile service to the community. If you are interested in helping out with this ongoing service project please contact Kerry-Ann Farmer

Additional packing dates are as follows:  

  • November 9: 3A and ½ K 
  • December 7: 4 and 1B 
  • January 18: 3B and ½ K 
  • February 1: 5A and 2A 
  • February 8: 5B and 2B 
  • February 15: 1A and 1B 
  • March 8: 3A and ½ K 
  • April 5: 4 and 2B 
  • April 19: 3B and ½ K 
  • April 26: 5A and PK4 
  • May 24: 3B and ½ K 
  • May 31: 5B and PK4

Smart Sacks is a county-wide program started by MANNA food center to help combat children's weekend hunger in Montgomery County. Twice monthly during the MCPS school year, volunteers pack donated food and deliver it to county elementary schools. Children who usually receive free meals at school take a bag of food home every Friday to ensure that they have adequate nutrition throughout the weekend. SSFS lower school students and volunteers support two local elementary schools in this initiative.

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