February Conferences Continue for a Second Week
Erin Ryan

Parent-Teacher Conferences will again be offered on Wednesday, February 13th. Please click here to register for conferences with those teachers with whom you would like to meet.  Students are invited and encouraged to attend conferences along with their parents, or they may check-in to aftercare at no charge if parents prefer to speak privately with a teacher.

These conferences are designed to be quick check-ins. If you would like a more in-depth conversation with a teacher or advisor, please contact the teacher to schedule additional time on another date.  Please note, some of our teachers are only able to host appointments on one of our conference date options. If all available appointments are taken, please contact the teacher to make alternate arrangements. 

In order to keep everyone on schedule, please arrive promptly for your scheduled appointment time. Should you have any questions, please contact Erin Ryan by phone at 301.774.7455 ext.160 or by e-mail at erin.ryan@ssfs.org. 

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