Feb. 9: MS Performance of "Saving Persephone"
Carlo Grossman

Sandy Spring Friends Middle School is proud to announce its production of "Saving Persephone" by Meghan van Lelyveld. An evening performance is planned for February 9th in the Performing Arts Center at 7:15 pm.

When you’re the God of the Underworld, you certainly have to live up to expectations, and Hades is not one to let reputations slide. The plan: reinvigorate his status; the pawn: his wife, Persephone. Knowing that the earth cannot thrive with Persephone, otherwise ‘engaged’ Hades’ plan is the seemingly perfect way to garner the respect he seems to have misplaced or rather lost along the way. In this comedy we see how easy it is for a god to be forgotten, and, well, Hades cannot tolerate that, now can he? And if it takes a village of nymphs like the Alseids, Dryads, Hesperides, Nereids, Oreads, Pleiades, even Zeus himself, to save the day then so be it. Hades will be waiting, in the Underworld, of course. This hilarious updated version of ancient Greek mythology will have the audience in stitches. 

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