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SSFS Community Art Show
David Hickson
SSFS Alumni with Art Works - Community Art Show

People are never just “one thing.” They are physicians but also writers, teachers but also illustrators, lawyers but also painters, steel workers but also potters, nurses but also poets. SSFS is hosting an art and craft show for the adults in our community: parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and alumni. This is a non-juried show intended to reveal the many talents in our community. The exhibit will give proof to the spirit in each of us to make and create.  The show will be held in the SSFS Performing Arts Center in late February/early March 2020, in conjunction with the annual Community Play. Appropriate works are any original item that can be displayed over the several days of the show, including but not limited to: paintings, illustrations, pottery, collages, fabric arts, metalwork, woodwork, jewelry, stained glass. If you are interested in submitting a work for the show, please complete the online submission form.  If you have questions about the show or your participation, please contact David Hickson, Assistant Head of School (