Seeking Sewing Machines for New Course in Fabrication and Design
Sharon Wall, Upper School Engineering and Physics Teacher

Beginning in 2019-2020, the Upper School Science Department will offer two brand-new intermediate engineering courses: "Advanced Techniques in Fabrication and Design" (heretofore abbreviated as “ATFD”) and "Robotics." The primary objective of both of these courses is to empower students to shape their world as they develop a sensitivity to design and discover their own ability to tweak, create, and re-engineer the objects and systems that they interact with every day. In Robotics, students will build and program robots to move, navigate autonomously, respond to remote control, and perform specific tasks. In ATFD, students will learn techniques for working with metal, fabric, and soft circuits, and expand their knowledge of CAD and 3D printing techniques as well as their understanding of gear mechanisms. 

In order to offer these new courses, we are in the process of acquiring a variety of new tools, materials, and equipment, which brings me to the primary purpose of this outreach. As a lifelong sewer and quilter, I know that many of us have older machines that we have outgrown, which may be sitting in a closet somewhere collecting dust. My ask is that if you have or know someone who has an outgrown but functional sewing machine, that you would consider making it a tax-deductible donation to our growing engineering program. 

Please reach out to me, Sharon Wall, through my school email:, if you have donations or questions.

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