Get Involved: Nominating for the PA Executive Committee Has Begun
SSFS Parent Association

It's that time of year again to start thinking about next year's PA Executive Committee. The Executive Committee includes two Co-Clerks, two Assistant Co-Clerks, Mentoring Clerk, three Division Representatives for each division (LS, MS, and US), Treasurer, and Recording Clerk.  This process takes a lot of consideration and an entire team of people to facilitate. Nominations are anonymous and will be shared only with the Nominating Committee. We will also be taking nominations for Grade Representatives (though they are not part of the Executive Committee - nominations for Grade Representatives will be passed to the current Division Representatives for consideration). All SSFS Community members should feel free to nominate anyone (even yourself!) you feel would be a good fit for SSFS's PA Executive Committee and/or a Grade Representative. Please make nominations through this nominating form.

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