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New Blog Post from David Hickson: "Schools Cannot Stand Idly By"
David Hickson

Assistant Head of School David Hickson's latest blog post puts us face-to-face with a startling report that forecasts the dire consequences of our environmental actions, and the importance of schools' roles in educating our students about this. The blog post, titled, "Schools Cannot Stand Idly By," begins "As our nation’s attention continues to be hypnotized by sensationalist political tweets, Mueller reports, the burgeoning list of Democratic presidential candidates, and celebrity antics, the most relevant, shocking, and far-reaching news story of the century --  no, the millenium -- seemed to barely registered a blip on our public consciousness. I’m of course referring to the IPBES release of the “Summary for Policymakers of the Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.”  Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? And who is the IPBES, anyway?" Read more here...