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Gnu Stories, the SSFS all-school newsletter, is sent bi-weekly on Mondays during the school year, and features stories that provide families with a snapshot of school life at SSFS and connects them to the wider community. 

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Welcome to a New School Year!

Gnu Stories: Highlights from the SSFS Community

A Message from the OIEJB

The Office of Institutional Equity, Justice, and Belonging (OIEJB)  welcomes you to the 2023-2024 school year! Our new Director of IEJB Dr. Tawanda Owens and Assistant Director Hayes Davis introduce themselves and other members of the team and share information about the office in their welcome video. 

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Friends Day - SSFS

One of SSFS's core values is "community," and ours grows each year, with new families joining returning families and friends to build upon traditions and make SSFS an even more vibrant place to learn, work, play, and support one other. In addition to SSFS Back-to-School Nights and Coffee & Conversations, the Parents Association's Friends Day offers a great opportunity for parents/guardians, students, and faculty-staff to connect, learn, and have fun together. Click below to see details and RSVP!

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Upcoming Dates: SSFS All-School Events

Sep. 30

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Oct. 3

6:30-7:30 PM | Yarnall & Zoom

Oct. 3

7:30-8:15 PM | Yarnall & Zoom

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Division-Specific Newsletters: The Week Ahead

Division-specific newsletters are emailed to SSFS families each Sunday afternoon during the school year and posted on the division-specific home pages on the Parent Portal. These newsletters provide messages from division heads and "must-know" calendar information about upcoming events for the week. 

Parents and guardians must log in to the Parent Portal to access the division-specific home pages where the newsletters are posted.

Please Note: Only SSFS parents have access to the links above. SSFS employees may access the division-specific newsletters via the employee portal page.