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Wildebeest Sculpture

Happy Spring!

1st Grade Play 2023 - Whingdingdilly

First graders delighted audiences with their play's adaptation of Billy Peet’s children's book The Whingdingdilly, in which Scamp the dog learns to love who he is. There were some great "Super Silly Creature" connections, too!

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Middle School Immersion Week 2023

Middle School students enjoyed various Immersion Week workshops, with offerings such as Space Exploration, Bridge-Building, Podcasting, Survival Skills, Hollywood-Bollywood, and Artistic Adventures. They even built an Outdoor Classroom!

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Gnu Stories: Highlights from the SSFS Community

Tobi laughing

A “lifer” who has called Sandy Spring Friends School home—both literally and figuratively—since 1991, Tobi Goss ’10 has transitioned from curious Kindergartener to Captain of the SSFS Women’s Varsity Soccer Team to Associate Director of Alumni Relations and Women's Varsity Soccer Head Coach, with several other professional roles on the side. We had the chance to sit down with Tobi to talk her about her coaching philosophy, memories from her time as a student, how she makes a difference in the lives of SSFS students, and what fills her heart.

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Julie Tucker

From November 29 to December 6, 2022, SSFS Athletic Trainer Julie Tucker traveled to the Caribbean island nation of Grenada to serve as an athletic trainer for an American women’s team at the Grenada Rugby World Sevens Tournament. With March being National Athletic Training Month, it’s a perfect time to learn more about Julie Tucker’s career path, how she brings her SSFS experience to her pro-level moonlighting, and how the level of care she offers to Sandy Spring Friends students is elevated as a result.

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Upcoming Dates: SSFS All-School Events

April 4

Parent Ed Workshop

MS & US parents/guardians are invited to workshop on substance abuse prevention, 8:15-915 AM in Yarnall Library. 

April 12

Professional Day

Quarter 3 ends Apr. 11. There will be no classes held on Wed., Apr. 12; the Lower School will hold parent-teacher conferences.

April 29

PA Auction

Get tickets now for the PA's fundraiser for financial aid! You can also donate to baskets or sponsor the event.

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