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Gnu Stories, the SSFS all-school newsletter, is sent bi-weekly on Fridays during the school year, and features stories that provide families with a snapshot of school life at SSFS and connects them to the wider community. 

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Winter Celebrations

Gnu Stories: Highlights from the SSFS Community

Norah Juzenas ‘23 Featured on It’s Academic for Community Service

Here at SSFS, we seek to equip and empower students to make positive change in the world by living out Quaker values. Norah Juzenas ‘23 is doing just that as she serves her community through ArtStream Inc., an inclusive theater company that serves adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities such as Autism and Down syndrome. It was this important work that was recently featured on It’s Academic (beginning around 23:49 min) by philanthropist and It’s Academic Executive Producer David M. Rubenstein. Read more about how Norah is "letting her life speak," below.

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Alumni Soccer Games and 5K Turkey Trot


Thanks to all our alumni and current families who attended our annual post-Thanksgiving Alumni 5K Turkey Trot and Soccer Games on Fri., Nov. 25. We had a bright, chilly day for the activities, which began with the 5K run, followed by a delicious cookout lunch (prepared by Bim Schauffler '74), time for alumni families to mix and mingle, and of course the soccer games! The Men's World Cup game (USA vs. England) was also streamed live at the Preuss Field. As always, it was wonderful to gather in community, welcome alumni home, and enjoy food and games together again! 

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Ben Uzzell '20 Basketball Invitational


Sandy Spring Friends School is honored to host the Ben Uzzell Basketball Invitational, celebrating the life of Benjamin A. Uzzell, Class of 2020, on Dec. 29 and Dec. 30. In the time we shared with Ben, his life spoke volumes throughout the community. He embodied the School’s mission of “recognizing the unique worth of each individual," and brought joy and light to the campus from his first day in Middle School and throughout his days in the Upper School. Ben was deeply dedicated to academics, the arts, and athletics—where he shined on the court as a part of the Varsity Basketball team.

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LS Gratitude Museum

LS Parents will be able to participate in the gratitude museum after the the Dec. 16 Winter Program

All-School Holiday Assembly

PK3-12th grade students will come together for our annual winter assembly!;

Winter Break

12:00 PM on Dec. 16: Early Dismissal
Winter Break: Dec. 16-Jan. 2>

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