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Gnu Stories Podcast | 2.2 | 60 Years on Norwood Road

Gnu Stories Podcast | 2.2 | 60 Years on Norwood Road

LISTEN: In this episode, Kwame Darko, David Hickson, Johanna Cowie, and Bob Hoch talk with Head of School Rodney Glasgow about the founding of the School, the role of the community and radical optimism over the past 60 years, and our school's connection to the wider Sandy Spring community.


Quotes From The Podcast

“Brooke Moore, he always [said]  ‘just tell me I can’t do something and then that will just inspire me even more.’” - Bob Hoch, Former SSFS Faculty

“The first building built on campus was Scott House. when they started it, they did not have enough money to finish it. and they, with very much radical optimism, said, we're going to start a new school.” - Johanna Cowie, SSFS Inquiry Guide & Archivist

“As a student, I thought that it was crazy taking my first steps here and realizing the amount of trust and energy that was given to students that was... something that I was never used to, for adults to say, ‘Hey, you have a say in what it is that we're doing. That was radically optimistic of the adults.’” - Kwame Darko, SSFS Alumnus and Dean of Boarding

"Radical optimism is almost a hope and a faith in the impossible with a little bit of sweat equity attached to it." - Dr. Rodney Glasgow, Head of School


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