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Removal of Yarnall Modulars

Removal of Yarnall Modulars

Over Spring Break 2023, the modular buildings by Yarnall (aka Yarnall Modulars) were finally removed after over two decades of service!

The modulars were first brought to campus in 2000 as temporary classrooms for the Middle School, which had begun to outgrow Tanglewood (the building that now houses the 4th and 5th grades). The four modular classrooms were used for Middle School foreign languages and music classes until construction of the new Middle School building was completed. With a growing student population and more curricular offerings, teaching space was at a premium, even with the Performing Arts Center (PAC) and Athletic Center (AC) on the horizon. 

In September 2005, Middle School students were welcomed back to campus and into their new Middle School building. All three divisions were growing and in need of more space, and, as the Tanglewood renovations were not yet complete, the 4th and 5th grade classrooms were temporarily moved to the Yarnall Modulars in September 2005. Soon after they moved into their newly-renovated Tanglewood space (in January 2006), the Upper School math department moved their classrooms to the modulars, where they remained until the new Upper School building, Pen-y-Bryn, was completed in 2020. 

Although no longer being used as classroom space from 2020-2023, the temporary Yarnall Modulars remained on campus due to COVID-related delays. Their removal signals the end of successful capital campaigns over the last two decades that helped construct wonderful classroom buildings for our growing student population, and a welcome return to the open green space in between Yarnall and the Middle School.

Although most of us weren’t sad to see the old modulars go, our 1st graders spotted a slightly flummoxed groundhog wandering around the area, wondering where his former hangout has gone… luckily, our campus offers plenty of other beautiful sites to choose from! 


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