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Inauguration 2021: Resources for Parents

On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, marking the 59th inauguration ceremony in the course of over 200 years. What has been a traditionally predictable event in the past is anticipated to look vastly different due to the pandemic and the additional security that came as a response to the violent attack at the U.S. Capitol.

Processing current events in the United States can be challenging for adults to do on their own and can be made even more challenging for parents as they--in real-time--must process alongside their children. Thankfully, there are many great resources to support parents in learning more, helpful tips to assist them in talking with their children about current events, and guides for engaging children with the inauguration.

4 Resources for Engaging Children with the Inauguration

Our White House: Celebration Kit: Activities and Resources
The White House’s Inauguration Celebration Kit includes a wide variety of activities to do at home, including an Inaugural I Spy game, with print-out scorecards. Our White House also includes a collection of books and websites to learn about the Inauguration process, past inaugurations, and presidents.

Seattle’s Child: Election Playlist
Seattle’s Child offers some suggestions to add music to your Inauguration day. Check out their playlist which includes songs from the Muppets, Schoolhouse Rock, GoNoodle, and PBS Kids on voting and the governmental process.

Architect of the Capitol: Notable Dates and Facts about Previous Inaugurations
If your child wants to learn more about previous inaugurations, check out the Architect of the Capitol’s page on inauguration facts. How many times has the oath been administered at the Capitol? Whose inauguration was the first to be recorded by a talking newsreel?

Romper: A Parent’s Guide to Watching the 2021 Inauguration With Your Kids
This article answers some of the basic questions surrounding the inauguration while offering a starting point for additional resources for the more complex questions that may come up for this event.

7 Resources for Parents Talking to Kids about Current Events

PBS Kids: Navigating Scary News Stories
For kids aged K-3/little ones who have seen the news or heard adults talking about it, this article focuses on feelings of safety and support from adults.

The Mom Psychologist: How to explain current events to young children
From Black mother & clinical psychologist Dr. Jazmine, this Instagram graphic offers suggestions on how to support young children in processing what they’ve seen/heard.

Your Parenting Mojo: Responding to the US Capitol Siege
This podcast episode provides suggestions about how to talk to children about the Capitol siege, how to examine your own role, and how to take action. 

Motherly: How to talk to Kids about Difficult Topics
Organized by age, from 2 to teenagers, this article offers questions and suggestions to keep in mind, and uses Black Lives Matter protests and police brutality as examples.

Parenting at a Challenging Time (PACT): Handbook on Parenting Through Crisis
This in-depth handbook offers tips on how to support children after violence or other traumatic events, based on Boston Marathon Bombings. An additional one-page guide focuses on tools parents can use. Anti Racism for Kids
Organized by age (from 0 to teenagers), this resource focuses on hate rather than the racial justice/equity lens. It includes some helpful tips for parents whose teens may be experiencing radicalization from the right.

Parenting is Political: Rebellion and Uprising Kitchen Table Talk
This Podcast episode provides insight on how to talk to kids of different ages about policing and racial justice through recorded conversations between parents and kids about Black Lives Matter protests and policing in the summer of 2020.

3 Resources For Parents/Adults Looking to Learn More

Facing History and Ourselves: White Nationalism Explainer
This article summarizes some of the key beliefs of white nationalism and the ways the far right is spreading ideas online.

Dr. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation
This TED talk from Dr. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor offers a history of racist policing and Black Liberation.

Raising Free People: Resources for the Real Feels
This podcast episode, which aired in the Summer of 2020, features Black parents talking about resistance, care, and joy during uprisings and police violence.

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