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Gnu Stories Podcast | 2.3 | Sustainability Education at SSFS

Gnu Stories Podcast | 2.3 | Sustainability Education at SSFS

LISTEN: One of the central Quaker values ( “SPICES”) is “stewardship.” Hear from SSFS faculty Linda Garrettson (4th-grade teacher), Steffany Cartellone (6th-grade & MS teacher), and Joe Heathcock (SSFS community farmer), as well as SSFS alum and former faculty member Kip Kelley (owner of Full Cellar Farm), as they discuss how we teach an appreciation for and understanding of the importance of stewardship of the earth, and provide opportunities for students to observe firsthand the natural cycles of growth.

Quotes From The Podcast

"[SPICES] used to be SPICE if you will and stewardship was the last 'S' to get added on. I think when Quakers realized that we as a community had a deep commitment and connection and responsibility to take care of our earth and of our immediate surroundings, but [also] of the whole earth and environmental awareness and responsibility.”

- Linda Garrettson, SSFS Alumna & current faculty member


"Campus is a kind of like another character that you went to school with. I can go back to the campus though and relive my memories of being a student. And it may look different, but I'm just going there, and being in that space reminds you of those things."

- Kip Kelley, SSFS Alumnus & Owner/Farmer of Full Cellar Farm


"in the United States, farming gardening is the second most popular hobby out of anything. And in the UK, it's the number one most popular hobby. This is a lifelong activity that regardless of whether or not you're pursuing it professionally has a lot of rewards. Who doesn't like walking out of their backyard and picking the blackberries that they planted six months earlier, or putting in a tree and watching it grow over the years. Every person has the ability to do that whether you own land, have access to land, need to find a community allotment, [or] work on somebody else's farm. It is one of the best activities for lifelong health, mental health, nutrition, wellbeing."

- Joe Heathcock, SSFS Community Farmer


Answer to the question: what is stewardship?

"...We can be sustainable, but stewardship gives me ownership of that. [Stewardship] gives it a little bit more personal connection...I feel not only should I do things sustainably because it's the right thing to do, but stewardship throws in that responsibility.

- Steffany Cartellone, current faculty member

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