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Black History Month: Parent Resources

February 2021 marks the 45th year of Black History Month, a celebration that calls on all of us, no matter our race, to reflect and honor the significant roles and achievements of African Americans and their contributions to our collective American history. While Black History Month originated in the U.S., it expanded to an internationally-recognized observance that honors the contributions of Black lives on a global scale. Sandy Spring Friends School has collected these 10 resources for parents to celebrate in February and throughout the year.

Start Here: History, Parents Role, and The "How"

Black History Month: Teaching the Complete History | Teaching Tolerance
This article, which is primarily a resource for teachers, addresses the importance of not simplifying Black history or Black people.

Teaching Black History Should Be A Family,Community Affair | St. Louis Public Radio
Educators make the case for why it's up to families and communities to help bring black history alive for children of all races, not just schools.

Why Is Black History Month In February | Oprah Magazine
Why is Black History Month in February? And who started this tradition? This article offers a primer as well as additional resources at the end.

Literature and Film

Coretta Scott King Book Award Winners | Common Sense Media
The Coretta Scott King Book Awards are given each winter to outstanding African American authors and illustrators of children and young adult books that demonstrate an appreciation of African American culture and universal human values.

25 Must-Read Books for Black History Month | Shondaland
This list of essential books for Black History Month offers a vast and rich look at the black literary canon.

17 Movies About Black History  | Women's Health
Explore the richness of Black culture through film by watching these 17 movies that put Black narratives at the center.  

African American Children's Movies... (Children Movies) | The Voices of Black Cincinnati
Make family movie night special by watching one of these African American children's movies that offer a positive message.

Family-Friendly Activities

Everyday Ways to Teach Black History: Board Games | Mamademics
This article focuses on ways to use three different board games to talk about Black History in science, math, and literature.

5 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month With Your Family | Chicago Now
This article includes 5 different ways to celebrate and learn about Black History while also offering a variety of resources. 

Everyday Ways to Teach Black History: Lego Sets | Mamademics
From Bessie Coleman to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, this article offers ways to teach children about Black History using a variety of lego sets.

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