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CONGRATS: Middle School & Upper School Girl's PVAC Cross Country Champions!

Congratulations to our Middle School Cross Country Boys and Girls teams, and to our Upper School Cross Country Girls team for winning the PVAC Cross Country Championships! 

Upper School

Our Upper School Cross Country Girls team won the PVAC banner on October 27, 2021. This was the first banner won since 2004. The team also set a League record for lowest points scored at championships scoring (3-4-5-6-7)!  The top 5 were Nani, Kellye M, Norah J, Emma A, and Jade and they all received All-League recognition for finishing in the top 14 overall. 


Congratulations to our Upper School Cross Country Boys team that came in third overall, and Noah J. was third place out of 117 runners. 


Middle School
Individual winners:


1st Place: Xavier J. (7th)

2nd Place: Remi K. (8th)

4th Place: James E-M (6th)


1st Place: Frankie N. (7th)

3rd Place: DeeDee B. (7th)

5th Place: Mia C. (7th)

9th Place: Stella D. (7th)



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