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S.O.M.E. Shoebox Holiday Gifts: Junior Class Charitable Project

S.O.M.E. Shoebox Holiday Gifts: Junior Class Charitable Project

As the holidays draw near, this year's junior class has been finding itself getting into the spirit of the season. In this spirit, the Class of 2023, with the help of the Class of 2022, has agreed to try to make a small difference in a unique way. We welcome all in the SSFshould feel welcome to participate in the following charitable opportunity (an annual tradition for our junior class!):

S.O.M.E. (So Others Might Eat)

S.O.M.E. (So Others Might Eat) is an interfaith organization based in D.C. that provides meals, clothing, shelter, rehabilitation, counseling, and so much more to those in need. To learn more, click Here

Shoebox Holiday Gifts

A shoebox holiday gift is a shoebox filled with new personal items useful to a homeless man, woman, or child. Please use either a man's large shoebox or an athletic shoebox, not a shirt box, and PLEASE WRAP THE LID AND BOX SEPARATELY. This will help S.O.M.E. staff and volunteers to ensure that the shoebox contents are equitable. If possible, choose wrapping paper that is non-denominational. Also, please place a tag on the outside of each box designating whether it is for a "MAN", "WOMAN", or "CHILD." In the case of a shoebox gift for a child, please also indicate the age range (and gender, if applicable) of the intended recipient. Finally, please consider that S.O.M.E. serves more adults than children. Consequently, S.O.M.E. needs more men and women’s shoeboxes than children’s shoeboxes.

A complete box should include: 

____ hat (1)
____ gloves (1 pair)
____ scarf (1)
____ socks (1 pair)
____ underwear (1 pair)

____ toothbrush (1)
____ toothpaste (1 travel size)
____ deodorant (1 travel size)
____ soap (1)
____ shampoo (1 travel size)
____ lotion (1 travel size)
____ razors (2)

____ small gift or toy for child (1)
____ sanitary napkins for women (5-10)

PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE: cash, food, candy or mouthwash


Contributing to this charitable outreach is not mandatory, though it is hoped that in the spirit of giving our community will choose to participate in one form or another to help make this meaningful service project a success. The extent to which you participate is your prerogative. Some may choose to contribute more than one shoebox gift; others may elect to team up with friends and contribute one shoebox gift together. Others might be able to provide empty shoeboxes and/or wrapping paper to assist with the cause. Still others might be able to contribute with the actual wrapping of unfinished shoebox gifts and/or loading up the gifts come the day of delivery. Most importantly, no one should feel obligated beyond one's means, but all are encouraged to get involved in this grassroots endeavor.

For convenience, Shoebox Gifts and/or loose items can be dropped-off any time prior to Wednesday December 15th in weather proof bins located outside of the Lower School, Middle School, Upper School, and Scott House. Families can also order donation items online and ship to SSFS c/o Candice Ashton, Sandy Spring Friends School, 16923 Norwood Rd, Sandy Spring, MD 20860. Please make sure your delivery will arrive by Dec. 13 or 14 at the latest!

Upper School Building

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the following people if you have any individual questions or concerns. Candice Ashton, Nancy O’leary, Michael Tornabene, and Kwame Darko.

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