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Fall 2022 Sports Highlights

Fall 2022 Sports Highlights

Cross Country (XC)

Fall 2022 Upper School Cross Country

The 2022 SSFS XC team consisted of 32 athletes with 21 running for the men's team and 10 running for the women's team. The women's team consisted of two ninth-grade, four tenth-grade, one eleventh-grade, and five twelfth-grade students. The men's team consisted of six ninth-grade, nine tenth-grade, three eleventh-grade, and two twelfth-grade students.


  • 2022 team captains: Norah Juzenas '23, Taryn Schwartz '23, Calvin Chrisfield '23 and Noah Jones '23. Our managers were Olivia Liddie '23 and Jalynn Smith '25. 

SSFS XC participated in two PVAC league meets, the MidSeason Challenge, Goucher Blue & Gold Invitational, and the PVAC Championships. In every race, the team either won the meet or scored as the second-place team. SSFS XC Men's and Women's team were both runners-up at the PVAC League Championships. The Men's team won the Goucher Blue & Gold Invitational, and the Women's team came in second at that event. Congratulations to our Varsity (top seven) runners: Kellye, Nani, Norah, Elana, Siri, Jenna, Taryn, Noah, Liam, Rosario, Luke, Oliver, Jacob, and Dallas; and to the entire team for their huge personal improvements this season!

Still to come - Montgomery County Private School Championships and Maryland Private School Championships (small school division). 

Women's Team Summary

  • League Meet #1 (first place team finish)
  • League Meet #3 (first place team finish)
  • Midseason Challenge (second place team finish)
  • Goucher Blue & Gold Invitational (second place team finish) | 7 teams, 59 runners
    • Kellye McCullough 2nd place
    • Norah Juzenas 6th place  
    • Nani Jackson 7th place   
  • PVAC League Championship (second place team finish) | 8 schools, 59 runners
  • First-team all-PVAC league recognition
    • Kellye McCullough (3rd place finish)
    • Nani Jackson (5th place finish)
  • Second-team all-PVAC league recognition
    • Norah Juzenas (11th place finish)

Men's Team

  • League Meet #1 (first place team finish)
  • League Meet #3 (second place team finish)
  • Midseason Challenge (second place team finish)
  • Goucher Blue & Gold Invitational (first place team finish) | 7 teams, 81 runners
    • Liam Edmonds-Moore 2nd place
    • Rosario Scarato 4th place 
  • PVAC League Championship (second place team finish) | 9 Schools, 135 runners
  • First-team all-PVAC league recognition
    • Noah Jones (3rd place finish) 
    • Liam Edmonds-Moore (4th place finish) 
  • Second-team all-PVAC league recognition
    • Luke Amberman (10th place finish)
    • Oliver Ganong (11th place finish)
    • Jacob Cox (13th place finish)
  • Third-team all-PVAC league recognition
    • Rosario Scarato (16th place finish)
    • Dallas Chisolm (21st place finish)
Fall 2022 Middle School Cross Country

Middle School Cross Country runners put a lot of heart and effort into their practices throughout the fall season and, in return, saw great results! Two home meets, two away meets, and a couple of timed miles helped to keep runners on track with their goals throughout the season. At the PVAC Championship meet on October 26, nearly every runner achieved a PR (personal record) on our course. The girls' team won second place, and the boys' team came in first, winning the PVAC Champions banner for the fourth year in a row. Additionally, the following students won a medal: Xavier Jones, 1st; James Edmonds-Moore, 2nd; Omri Shortt, 4th; Dash Caruso, 10th; DeeDee Benson, 2nd; Anaiah Young, 5th; Leila DeBacker, 9th. The top runners go on to run in the Maryland Private School Championship meet on November 9. Go Beests, and congratulations on your impressive season!

Soccer Teams

The Men's Varsity Soccer Team had another outstanding season, going 13-2 on the season, finishing 2nd in the PVAC regular season, and advancing to the finals of the PVAC Conference Tournament. Goalkeeper Julian Simms had a tremendous season, posting 7 shutouts, and has been supported by an outstanding back line led by seniors Sebastian Mason, Jamphel Luntgen, Seamus Blake, and Erik Kiger. The team scored 65 goals on the season, with sophomore Max Rueda leading the way with 15, while junior Caleb Beswick and senior Evan Thomas registered 11 and 10 goals, respectively. Junior midfielder Jackson Henderson had a fine season with 7 goals and 5 assists, while helping anchor a midfield that has been incredibly tough on the defensive end, and very explosive going forward. All-Conference selections and Team Awards will be given at the upcoming team gathering in mid-November.

The Men's Junior Varsity Soccer team had a great season during the 2022-2023 school year! The boys all worked hard every day and their appreciation for the sport was noticeable. The team created a family-like environment and continually pushed each other to get better. They often laughed and always made sure to have a good time throughout the season.

Fall 2022 Middle School Soccer

The Boys' Middle School Soccer Team came together this season, working hard and staying committed to their growth as athletes. The Green and Gold games of the year saw the team progress throughout the season. In their first match, the team narrowly lost to Washington International School (WIS), and they finished the season tying WIS in the final match of the season. The Core team finished the regular season in 5th place with four wins, three losses, and one tie. In the playoffs, the team beat The Mclean School (4th place school) before losing to  Washington International School (1st place school) in the semifinals. The SSFS Boys' MS Soccer team was the only team in the league to score against WIS in both the regular season and the playoffs—a testament to the team's tenacity and will to succeed on the field.

The Middle School Girls' Soccer Team made it to the semi-finals of the playoffs this season and showed incredible grit, heart, and determination each game. From the beginning of the season to the end, the improvement in each player was amazing, but the ability of the team to work together as a whole is what made this group so successful. Never playing selfishly and always looking to make a pass, the team improved their soccer IQ and will continue to do great things in the years to come.

Volleyball Teams

Fall 2022 Upper School Volleyball

The Upper School Volleyball Team finished the fall season with key wins against Barrie, Field, and Burke. The team had a mix of seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, all who made huge contributions. The student-athletes competed and refined their skills. The team hopes to have a number of players move on to compete at the collegiate level, as well as build the program with a strong returning group. 

Fall 2022 Middle School Volleyball

The Middle School volleyball team had a record-breaking season! Each player excelled, showing impressive growth and giving their all to improve their skills and contribute to the team. Throughout the season, our athletes showed poise and grit. We had an impressive 9-2 overall record, battling through two tough teams to reach the PVAC finals.  In the PVAC championship game, our girls played through nerves and served strong, securing the championship in straight sets. In set 2 of the championship game, the team ran out of subs & Marley stepped up to serve cold & helped SSFS side out at a critical moment. Because of the team's tenacity, the girls took home the banner (and a special shoutout to Emme Wolfe for scoring the championship match point, with an ACE!). Congratulations on becoming the PVAC 2022 champions!


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