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Celebrating Lunar New Year at SSFS

Celebrating Lunar New Year at SSFS

February 1, 2022, marked Lunar New Year, an important holiday in many Asian countries. (See more about Lunar New Year here.) Here at SSFS, students and faculty-staff enjoyed activities during the week of Feb. 1 to learn more about Lunar New Year. Students were treated to special activities, including receiving red envelopes with treats (LS), and a dumpling-making lesson in the MS. Dorm students and residents had a special dinner to celebrate the holiday, and a table was set up on Jan. 31 for students to practice painting the Chinese character for "Happiness" during lunch. 

With many thanks to  International Student Support Coordinator Jasmine Wang, who interviewed students and put this video together, please see the many ways SSFS students celebrate this special holiday.

It can be difficult for those who celebrate Lunar New Year to be away from family during this time, as traditionally this is a holiday devoted to family get-togethers and reunions. To help ease the separation for our boarding students, Jasmine arranged for the parents of some of our students to send in their own Lunar New Year videos, which she compiled into a special video, available here.


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