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Black History Month Kick-Off: Kurtis Lamkin Visits SSFS

Black History Month Kick-Off: Kurtis Lamkin Visits SSFS

February 2022 marks the 46th year of Black History Month, an internationally-recognized celebration that calls on all of us, no matter our race, to reflect and honor the significant roles and achievements of African Americans and their contributions to our collective American history. This past Thursday (2/10) SSFS kicked off its first of two assemblies that will take place during Black History Month. The first assembly featured Kurtis Lamkin, a nationally recognized poet, singer, and storyteller.  Read Kurtis' bio below and watch footage from the Lower School and Middle/Upper School assemblies. Stay turned for more details about Black History Month celebrations, which will include a variety of adult and student-generated cross-divisional and interdivisional celebrations. 

Kurtis Lamkin Bio

KURTIS LAMKIN is a contemporary American embodiment of the ancient West African griot tradition, which blurs the boundaries between poet, singer and storyteller.  When he performs, Lamkin often accompanies himself on the kora, a twenty-one-stringed West African harp-lute.  He not only composes on and plays the kora, but he makes them by hand.  This sense of the intimate bond between performer and instrument is also part of the griot tradition.  In the griot/bardic tradition, there is no debate.  The poet is seen as someone directly involved in the life of the community, and commentary on events that impact the community is not only accepted, but expected.  Like Lamkin, the griots and bards of the past always performed this function with biting satire and wit.  Lamkin has released a number of CDs of his work, including: My Juju (1995), El Shabazz (1998), Queen of Carolina (2001).  His newest CD is Kora Songs

Middle & Upper School Assembly with Kurtis Lamkin - Black History Month

February 10, 2022, 9:05 AM | Seniors participated in person in the PAC, 6-11 grade virtually attended.

Lower School Assembly with Kurtis Lamkin - Black History Month

February 10, 2022, 2:05 PM | 5th grade participated in the PAC, PK3-4 grade virtually attended.

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