Supported. Challenged. Transformed.

Fostering compassionate, critical thinkers who lead exemplary lives.

Sandy Spring Friends School is a place where students are seen, heard, and celebrated for who they are, and the contributions that they bring to the community. With small class sizes and a low student-teacher ratio, students at SSFS don’t “fall through the cracks.”

They are encouraged, lifted up, and recognized. They are given a place where their talents are nurtured; where they are challenged; where they can try something new--perhaps fail, and then have the courage and confidence to try again; where their identity is allowed to blossom, and where, most importantly, they feel a sense of belonging.


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Our beautiful 140+ acre campus in the heart of Montgomery County, MD, provides all day and boarding students with benefits unique to our school:

  • Small class sizes with students and teachers leading & learning together
  • Safe, supportive, and welcoming environment that provides security while encouraging personal responsibility and self-advocacy
  • A dynamic, rigorous curriculum centered on real world questions
  • A place that creates belonging for all members of our diverse community through student and parent affinity and alliance groups,  DEI training and education, and a commitment to civic engagement

  • A multitude of student clubs, leadership, and volunteer opportunities
  • Academic and social-emotional supports including learning specialists, division-level counselors, and division-level Student Resource Teams

Sandy Spring Friends School is Known For...

SSFS Teachers are Life Mentors

Teachers as Mentors

Our teachers develop strong connections with their students, allowing for frequent communication and trust-building that cultivates confidence, growth, and a lifelong love of learning.

Boy Examining Leaf - Inquiry-Based Approach

Inquiry-Based Approach

At SSFS, we help students internalize a process we call “QRA”--Question, Reflection, Action--which ensures that they think critically, integrate new knowledge, and apply what they learn.

Seniors with Their Lower School Buddies - Community


Our diverse, collaborative community is strengthened by all-school and cross-divisional activities, an engaged alumni body,  community service activities, and an emphasis on affirming & empowering the individual.

Stream Study with Students

Experience-Based Learning

We infuse experience-based projects and programs into our curriculum. These activities  help develop capable, responsible, and globally-aware students who can apply their learning in useful and meaningful ways.

"[Sandy Spring Friends School] teaches you that  no challenge is too big for you to face, and you can always learn from the other side... you have a voice, and you should use it to solve problems that you face in life."


5th Grade  Student

"I think because [Sandy Spring Friends School] really stresses diversity and equality, when I graduate from Sandy Spring I'd like to spread that into the world and show that it doesn't only have to be one community that's so kind to each other."

Kairava, MS Student

"SSFS has this sense of belonging and staying true to yourself, which I love so much. Not a day goes by that you aren't reminded of these bonds and connections between teachers, students and kids of all different ages.. which has dramatically impacted my life."

Gus, US Student

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