Sandy Spring Friends School


Upper School FAQs

My child wants to switch their class schedule - can they?

We have an add/drop period at the start of each semester during which students have the opportunity to request a schedule change.  Students will be notified if their request can be granted and should attend their original classes until they receive notification that the change has been made.

What’s the procedure if my child needs to arrive late, leave early, or will be absent?

Attendance is required for all classes, jobs, assemblies, advisory periods, and Meetings for Worship. Should a student have a free period between classes or unscheduled time before the end of their last commitment, they are required to remain on campus for the duration of this time or obtain permission to leave using the procedures noted below.

  • If a student knows that they are going to be absent from school, the student’s parent/guardian should send an email explaining the absence to or call the Upper School (301.774.7455 ext. 109) and leave a message. This applies to doctors’ visits, religious holidays, college visits, etc. The communication must be made before an absence.
  • If a student is sick, the parent/guardian should send an email to or call 301.774.7455 ext. 109. This notification should be made to the Upper School Office no later than 10:00 a.m. the day the student is sick or will miss school for any other reason.
  • If a student is marked absent for the first period, the School will contact the parents to verify the student’s whereabouts if we have not already heard from the parents. 
  • If a student arrives to school late, parents should provide a note, an email ( or a call (Ext. 109) to the School regarding the lateness. In addition, the student must sign in at the Upper School Office before going directly to class for the duration of the period. 
  •  If a student needs to leave during the school day, parents need to provide an email ( or call (Ext. 109) with the permission to leave, time of departure, and expected return time. In addition, the student must check out in the Upper School Office before departing, and must check in upon returning. If students do not have a note, we will attempt to contact parents before permitting students to depart.
  • In addition to the above guidelines, boarding students who do not expect to return to school before the end of the academic day must have approval from the Director of Boarding Life and see the Dean of Students of the Upper School to sign out from the dorm. Boarding students should consult the Boarding Student Guidelines of the Community Handbook and the Boarding Student Handbook for more information about dormitory sign-out policies and procedures.

Are there clubs or activities that my child can get involved in?

Yes! Student initiative, interest, and expertise are the driving forces behind most of the clubs in the Upper School; therefore, clubs may change each year depending on student interest. This enables the students themselves to determine the focus and direction of co-curricular programming and encourages greater participation in activities.  Students have the opportunity to both suggest clubs/activities as well as join them at the beginning of the school year.

Does my child have to complete community service hours and if so, how do they find upcoming service opportunities?

Yes, community service hours are required for graduation. Only community service hours earned in the summer prior to 9th grade and through Upper School may count toward the graduation requirement. The community service requirement must be completed by the end of the first semester of a student’s senior year. Additional details about community service may be found in the Community Handbook. In addition, one service Intersession must be completed prior to graduation.

Every Upper School student at Sandy Spring Friends School is expected to complete a quantity service hours depending on the year and semester of their admission to Sandy Spring Friends School. Information about upcoming opportunities can be found n the Community Service Page of the Upper School’s Finalsite LMS (available from the student and parent portal pages).