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Transportation FAQs

Where does my student get on the afternoon route buses?

The afternoon route buses stop at (1) Middle School—in front of the Middle School near the brick pillars, and at  (2) the Lower School—at the sidewalk that goes down the hill to the playground. Upper School students may get on the bus at either stop.

How does the late bus work?

The “5:45 Shuttle” is a free activity bus for Middle and Upper School students that departs from the Middle School Circle. The first drop off spot is at the Glenmont Metro, and then the Shady Grove Metro. Students should be on the bus by 5:43 pm as the bus leaves promptly at 5:45 pm. We arrive at the Glenmont Metro by 6:00 pm and at Shady Grove around 6:20 pm at the bottom Kiss & Ride. 

I see all the route stop times online - is that the time we should arrive at the stop?

All morning stop times listed are DEPARTURE TIMES. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the listed times. Because our morning schedules are tight, we actually will be leaving at the scheduled time every day. 

What happens if I am running late and not at the stop on time for the afternoon pick-up?

If you are a Lower School parent, please be at the stop at the designated pick-up times. We cannot wait at the stop for more than a minute or two, as other parents are waiting for their students down the line. We will always try to contact you to arrange another pick-up down the line. If we cannot contact you, we will transport your Lower School student back to aftercare at SSFS. 

What is the process for dropping off my child at a stop if we are late for the bus and see it leaving?

For the safety of you and your student, we can only stop at designated stops on our routes. The driver will not be answering the phone while they are driving. Please proceed to the next stop on the route that will allow your student to board the bus safely.

When am I charged for the bus?

Bus charges are posted to your account in October and February.

Do I get a discount for siblings?

Yes. The first student is full price, the second student is discounted, and the third student is free.

Can I sign-up for more than one route, or change the stop if necessary?

Yes, once you sign-up for the bus, you can make a short-term or long-term change. Please contact Cathryn Carnevale at or 301.774.7455 x177 with any changes so we can pass them on to the drivers and add that information to our records. 

How do I find out which bus route is closest to us?

View the Google map below to see School bus routes.

Step 1: To see the larger view of the map, press:

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Step 2:  To look up your address, press:

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Step 3: Type in your address and press enter or click on the link under "move map to" to view your address.

Step 4:Don't see a bus stop near your location? Zoom out to find the closest one to your home address.

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