Sandy Spring Friends School


Foodservice FAQs

Does SSFS serve nuts in our Dining Room?

We are a nut-aware foodservice operation, but we do not operate a nut-free facility. We do not incorporate nuts into our menu selections (recipes), but peanut butter is available in the dining hall at a separate serving station (with jelly and bread).

What allergy-alternatives are available?

New for 2019-2020, there is an “Allergy Aware Station” in the Westview Dining Room with non-dairy milk products, gluten-free bread & rolls, and more.

What drinks are available at lunch?

Milk (2% and skim), lemonade, water, infused water (unsweetened), and iced tea (unsweetened) are all available. Lower School students are only served milk or water (although 5th graders have some lemonade lunch privileges).

Does the menu include produce grown on the School farm?

 During the harvest season (April-October), produce grown on the SSFS Community Farm is provided to the kitchen for use in the salad bar and as side menu items. 

Who should I contact if I have a question about foodservice?

You can contact: 
Kris Pfaff, Director of Dining Services at 
Diamond Clark, Executive Chef at

 If you need to reach someone in Westview’s Foodservice Office, please call 301-774-7455 ext. 128. 
Additionally, Laura Miyoshi, COO for SSFS, is available at