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Senior Passion Project Presentations 2023

SSFS Senior Passion Project


Senior Passion Projects 2023

Grounded in experiential and project-based learning, and with inquiry, reflection, and action at the core of its mission, Senior Passion Projects is a selective, elective, independent, learner-centered and self-directed program that affords qualified and approved participants the opportunity to let their lives speak beyond the traditional high school environment by sampling a potential career, serving the community, or exploring a deep personal interest that culminates in a formal and reflective presentation to a panel of faculty, staff, alumni and Trustees on the expectations, challenges, lessons and rewards of said experience.

Video Recording of 2023 Senior Passion Project Presentations

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6:30 PM Gathering in Silence
6:35 PM Opening Remarks
6:45 PM The Dangers of Dieting: When “Healthy Habits” Backfire
By Vianne Hughes
7:00 PM

Artistic Linguistics: Exploring Illustration and Translation Through Original Composition
By Nani Jackson

7:15 PM Democracy Under Pressure: An Inside View of Our Government
By Taryn Schwartz
7:30 PM Introducing Yung Darko: The Making of On My Way
By Sebastián Mason-Hernández
7:45 PM Taking Center Stage: Giving a Voice to Individuals with Developmental Delays
By Norah Juzenas
8:00 PM The Big Picture: A Student Collaboration Towards Art Activism
By  Nova Lore
8:15 PM Dream On: An Exploration of the American Reality
By Njandee Murangi & Calvin Chrisfield
8:30 PM NuFashion: Responsive & Responsible Upcycling
By Chandler Grier, Mali Nyachae, Faith Carter, Peace Fasalojo & Benu Edwards
8:45 PM Acknowledgements & Closing Remarks

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