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COVID-19 Updates and Info

This web page serves as a resource for navigating  the school year and SSFS's response  to COVID-19. SSFS is committed to providing an outstanding and novel educational experience, while keeping our community connected and supported in various ways.  

  • Last updated: November 11, 2021  

The Home and School Partnership: A Shared Responsibility

While the School is taking extraordinary measures to reduce the risk of virus transmission, there is no ability for the School to provide a completely risk-free environment for students, employees, and other community members. Studies indicate that the best protection for the community is provided by consistent practice of individual hygiene and social distancing measures by every member of the community.

As school takes place on campus, protecting the SSFS community from the COVID-19 virus is best accomplished through a combination of individual and institutional practices that provide layers of protection. No one step by itself is sufficient, and the best protection is provided through actions taken by the School, its employees, and each student’s family, forming a partnership, or social contract, that expands protection beyond the actions of one individual or institution. Many of the specifics of this partnership are summarized in the table below and described in detail in the rest of this document.


Guiding Principles and Decision Making

Important Updates

Key Practices to Minimize Risk of Virus Transmission

SSFS is committing to implementing all possible measures in order to greatly reduce the possibility of viral transmission. The key practices will be:

COVID-19 Resources

For specific questions about your child's classes or special needs, your child’s teacher(s), advisor, or division head are your first and best resources. See the faculty-staff directory page here. Other resources include:


Lisa Dyer, School Nurse
301-774-7455 x120

Mónica Ruiz, Assistant Head of School
301-774-7455 ext. 114


Joel Gunzburg, LS Counselor
301-774-7455  ext. 118

Erin Rose, MS Counselor
301-774-7455  ext. 175


Kwame Darko, Dean of Boarding Life
301-774-7455  ext. 362

John Fahey, Assistant Director of Boarding
301-774-7455  ext. 285