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COVID-19 Updates and Info

This web page serves as a resource for navigating  the school year and SSFS's response  to COVID-19. Whether we are virtual or in-person, SSFS is committed to providing an outstanding and novel educational experience, while keeping our community connected and supported in various ways.  More information about our hybrid learning program is available on our "Second Semester Plans" web page. SSFS families can also see the "CRT Corner" in our weekly newsletter for the latest news and updates from our COVID Response Team. 

Last updated: May 28, 2021  

Current Status

Mode 3: Hybrid Learning

Important Updates and FAQs

SSFS continues to closely monitor the reports of COVID-19 in our area. See below for School policies regarding COVID-19, as well as information about our academic and co-curricular virtual learning programs, supplemented by social, emotional, and academic supports for our students.

Communication to SSFS Families


SSFS COVID-19 Guidebook

Version 2.0: Published and Distributed March 2, 2021

SSFS first created the COVID-19 Guidebook in August 2020 to inform the SSFS community about comprehensive measures the School is taking to pursue our educational mission amid the altered landscape of today’s COVID realities, based on the best information available to us at this moment. New patterns and necessities continue to emerge and evolve as we learn more about the characteristics of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and its patterns of communicability; therefore, our second version of the COVID-19 Guidebook, published and distributed on March 2, 2021, provides additional information and updates that reflect new understanding and resources since the first version was published. 

As with the first version, this document does not seek to say what the School will do at any point in the future. Instead, it seeks to outline the process by which we will determine our form of operation and the conditions we will create to protect the safety of the community. As our understanding of realities and circumstances change, so will our policies, plans, and strategies. Families and employees should expect that there will be changes and updates to this document in the coming months.

As always, the administration, staff, and faculty of SSFS are available to you to answer any questions which may not be addressed in this document. 

Key Practices to Minimize Risk of Virus Transmission

SSFS is committing to implementing all possible measures in order to greatly reduce the possibility of viral transmission. The key practices will be:

COVID-19 Resources

For specific questions about your child's classes or special needs, your child’s teacher(s), advisor, or division head are your first and best resources. See the faculty-staff directory page here. Other resources include:


Lisa Dyer, School Nurse
301-774-7455 x120

David Hickson, Assistant Head of School
301-774-7455 ext. 114


Joel Gunzburg, LS Counselor
301-774-7455  ext. 118

Erin Rose, MS Counselor
301-774-7455  ext. 175

Nicole Banks, US Counselor
301-774-7455  ext. 138

Meghan Cassidy,  Dorm Counselor
301-774-7455  ext. 179


Kwame Darko, Dean of Boarding Life
301-774-7455  ext. 362

John Fahey, Assistant Director of Boarding
301-774-7455  ext. 285

Meghan Cassidy, Dorm Counselor
301-774-7455  ext. 179