CORRECTION: Apologies for the additional email. Several parents have reported that the link to the survey provided in the email below gave them the message that they had already completed the survey. Parents are asked to access the survey via the original link, sent in individual emails on Monday from Survey Monkey. This email may have been inadvertently captured by your email system in junk or spam folders. If, after checking, that path is not open to you, then parents can access the survey via
Please be aware that using this general link may mean that you will continue to receive reminder emails to take the survey. Please be sure to take the survey only once! Thank you.

Dear SSFS Families,

On Monday, Jan. 7, current SSFS parents/guardians and alumni received an email request to participate in a School-wide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey. The email was sent out from the Glasgow Group via Survey Monkey. If you did not receive the email (some email platforms may have blocked it or sent it to your spam or clutter folder), or accidently deleted it, I encourage you to take a moment to access the survey here and offer your candid and constructive feedback. As noted in the introduction to the survey, "the goal of the diversity audit is to measure the school's progress in its efforts at diversity and inclusion, in support of the School's mission statement and diversity statement." Some additional context for the survey request is offered below.

The School maintains our long-term commitment to diversity and following up on action items from our Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism. As part of this effort, the School has taken the following steps:

  • A Diversity and Inclusion Audit Steering Committee, composed of SSFS faculty and administration, was convened last spring and has been meeting regularly.  
  • After researching and meeting with several consultancy firms last spring, the committee selected the Glasgow Group to assist the School with a comprehensive audit and review of diversity and equity at SSFS.
  • The first step in the audit is a survey for different constituent groups to help identify broad themes and avenues for further discussion. Current parents, alumni, board members, faculty/staff, and students in grades 6-12 are asked to participate in this anonymous survey to provide the clearest picture of our community's opinions and experiences. (This is where your assistance comes in!)
  • Subsequent steps will involve discussion focus groups with representatives from key constituent groups between now and the end of the school year; analysis of data and responses of surveys and focus groups by the Glasgow Group; and presentation of a report from the Glasgow Group with recommendations to the Head of School and the steering committee.

We greatly appreciate your participation in helping us move forward with our efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion at SSFS. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Thank you,

David Hickson

Interim Head of School


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