Sandy Spring Friends School



Upper School Athletics

The Sandy Spring Friends School Athletic Department always keeps in mind the abiding reason why sports are in schools: sports are educational and create balance for an individual.

With the athletic experience, student-athletes develop skills that complement the classroom experience. They learn how to set long-term goals and be dedicated to them, learn how to problem solve in the midst of pressure-filled situations, and learn to recognize the importance of honest effort, competition, contribution, and sportsmanship. The habits established through athletic competition; resilience, stamina, and perseverance, can last a lifetime.

Upper School Interscholastic Sports Offered


Cross Country
Ice Hockey
Rock Climbing
Track and Field

Teams compete in the Potomac Valley Athletic Conference (PVAC).

Varsity Sports Teams

Varsity programs are selected based on skill and commitment. Junior Varsity teams are established when participation numbers and overall skill, commitment, and experience exist. Intramural offerings and Physical Education classes are options for those students looking to stay active in a variety of sports, and develop lifetime health and fitness goals.



Upper School Intramurals

Intramural sports are offered three times a week as an after-school activity in which skills are emphasized through a tactical games approach method. Students are actively participating in specific sport game play to gain experience and an appreciation for that sport. 

Intramural Offerings:
Fall (Sept.-Oct. 28): Kickball and Farming for Fitness
Winter (Nov. 7-Jan. 20): Morley Games
Spring (Feb. 27-May 12): Frisbee and Farming for Fitness

Physical Education in the Upper School: Each Upper School student in Grades 9 and 10 is required to complete two units of physical activity per year. Each Upper School student in Grades 11 and 12 is required to complete one unit of physical activity per year. This requirement can be met through participation on an interscholastic sports team, an intramural team, off-campus sport participation, or by taking a Physical Education course offered during the school day and/or after school.