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Lower School Physical Education

The goals of the Lower School Physical Education Program derive from the School’s mission to develop “the trained mind, the skilled hand and the healthy body.” Beginning in preschool (age 3), right on up through 5th grade, our physical education teachers encourage the enjoyment of physical pursuits throughout life by helping students to be successful and comfortable in a variety of active games, dance, and exercise.

Lower School students have Physical Education classes 2-3 times a week depending on the week and grade level. Class activities include a unit on the climbing wall, dance classes, sports skills, and more!

Quaker Values in Physical Education

At Sandy Spring Friends School (SSFS), we have a profound sense of hope in the individual's ability to create positive change within the world, and we foster the values that create change: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship. We abbreviate these values as the SPICES and also use them in everything we do, including our Physical Education program.


Learn The Fundamentals.


Show Good Sportsmanship.


Play Fair.


Be A Good Teammate.


Accept The Skills Of Other And Yourself.


Respect The Equipment And The Field Of Play.

SSFS elementary school student using climbing wall in physical education class

Five Skill Areas

Based on the National Association for Sports and Physical Education Standards, five skill areas--locomotor movement, space awareness, manipulative skills, stabilizing skills, and rhythm and basic dance skills--are developed through age-appropriate activities. As an enhancement to exploring these skills in a non-competitive atmosphere, an adventure based component is incorporated. Participating in “challenge by choice” initiatives and non-traditional activities, students are engaged in the exploration of self and group goals while enhancing their level of physical fitness, decision making, and expanding personal comfort levels.

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