Sandy Spring Friends School



Lower School Art

Lower School Art class in the Art Barn


Through our Lower School Arts program, our students discover that art is not just crayons, scissors and glue, but wool, copper, stone, glass, clay, match box cars, wood, bottle tops and almost any supply their imaginations can dream up. The activities not only enhance classroom studies, global, cultural, and historical themes, they also offer challenges that require problem solving. In addition, there are many opportunities for unstructured exploration and experimentation with the supplies. Students are encouraged to be creative in representing their thoughts and ideas and to take risks, regarding “mistakes” as learning experiences.

As they continue participating in the Lower School Arts program, they foster a sense of pride, pleasure, and accomplishment in their artistic ability while broadening their artistic knowledge base. The emphasis is on the learning that happens with each step of the process rather the end product. A similar sequence of artistic concepts is presented at each grade, but the variety of materials and level of complexity and proficiency is increased at each successive stage. These progressive strands include, among other disciplines: color, line, texture, form, paint, sculpture, printing, and clay.

Lower School Art Highlights by Grade

The GOALS of the Lower School art program are to enable all students to:

  • Have fun!
  • Explore
  • Experiment
  • Master new materials and techniques
  • Become excited by new art forms, traditions, cultures & ideas
  • Learn to listen and to see
  • Be brave and try difficult challenges
  • Enjoy the process for the fun and not the end result
  • Be proud
  • Try their best
  • Be confident, and
  • Be secure in the knowledge that THEY CAN DO IT!