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Visual Arts

Through our visual arts program, students are challenged and encouraged to engage in visual thinking and expand their avenues of self-expression.

Visual art is an integral part of education at Sandy Spring Friends School, where students are offered a broad range of stimulating experiences at every grade level. Across all divisions, students are challenged and encouraged to engage in visual thinking on a daily basis. Students have opportunities to expand their avenues of self-expression by learning the craft of a wide range of visual mediums such as drawing, painting, print making, sculpture, ceramics, weaving, photography, digital graphics, and woodworking. Students are exposed to artwork and artists from around the globe, learning about their historical, cultural, and social significance. Our art classes give students the opportunity to explore subjects and themes from their academic classes, expanding modes of thinking and expression of ideas. Gallery spaces all across our beautiful campus, both inside and outside, allow students to share their work and appreciate the work of their peers. Our resident artist program and trips to the wonderful galleries in the Washington/Baltimore region add to the richness of our program. 

SSFS graduates are accepted into some of the nation's finest art schools and have gone into careers and related fields such as graphic design, architecture, fashion design, interior design, fine woodworking, and digital animation. 

LOWER SCHOOL Visual Arts Examples


MIDDLE SCHOOL Digital Media Arts

Middle School students are challenged to express ideas through digital media technology by using a wide range of programs and applications to create images, photographs, websites, and more.

Digital Media ArtsExamples

UPPER SCHOOLVisual Arts Electives

Weaving And Fibers



Advanced Studio Art