Sandy Spring Friends School



Performing Arts

The Performing Arts are an important component of the educational experience at SSFS. Our performing arts program is designed to stimulate creative expression, build skills, instill confidence, and enhance appreciation for a variety of performance styles from cultures around the globe. Students are offered numerous exciting opportunities to engage in music, theatre, dance, and multimedia experiences in every grade.

Students from all divisions also have the opportunity to participate in our annual Community Play where they perform with faculty, staff, parents, alums, and school trustees. Please visit our division websites for more details about our performing arts programs and performance schedules.

Video of Lower School Winter Performance
Photo of Lower School students taking their final pose after an incredible dance performance.


Lower School

Lower School students take music classes twice a week, where they listen to a variety of musical works, sing, dance, play instruments, learn to read music, and experiment with movement and improvisation.

All our Lower School students participate in annual class plays and assembly programs. Many of the students participate in the creation process, helping to adapt or write their own plays, choreograph numbers, build sets, and more.

Photo of middle school student playing the cello during the Middle School Arts Night performance.


Middle School

In the sixth grade students take music, drama, and movement courses (in addition to visual arts offerings) for one quarter each. They then work to create an interdisciplinary art performance titled "The Sixth Grade Workshop."  

Seventh and eighth grade students are given a choice of Music, Drama, and movement—along with visual arts class offerings—and they are expected to take two different semester length classes each year.

All Middle School students have the option to perform in or work on the annual middle school play. In addition, chorus and instrumental ensemble are available to all Middle School students. 


Upper School

Students in grades 9-12 have the opportunity to take a wide range of performing arts classes including: musical production, play production, instrumental music, chorus, handbells, modern dance, theatre, and video production.

Public performances and assembles are scheduled throughout the year for students to share their talents and for the community to enjoy. Traditionally, the Upper School Play is performed in the fall, and the Upper School Musical in the spring.